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Thursday 23 February 2017

BoB BoS National Updates

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Flowers for Heroes

In April 2016 a very special collection of four bouquets was launched designed by members of the Band of Sisters fellowship to raise money for the Charity. We are planning another day in May for members of the Band of Sisters to help us design some new bouquets for the range so watch out for details which will be sent out shortly. 

Barbara Luther Davies, Sheena Preston, Lorraine Jackson and Cheryl Hall were fully involved in the whole process; from picking their flowers and making up their initial arrangements, to choosing the name and approving the final designs; working with Flying Flowers which is supporting the Charity with their Help for Heroes range. 

Sheena named hers ‘Blooms of Support’ in tribute to the fellowship. She chose pink flowers to reflect the group’s famous hoodies: “I like bright pink and it’s ‘our’ colour. It’s a big bunch of us that come together to support each other.” The feeling of the need to remain strong and the pressure it brings is something Cheryl finds is common amongst other Help for Heroes Band of Sisters: “As long as we stick together, we will all get through this. Stronger together is what we as families have become.” 

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