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Tuesday 20 June 2017

BoB BoS National Updates | Buckingham Palace Garden Party

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We had a lovely time at the Buckingham Palace garden party and it was great to meet so many of you. Everyone looked amazing and luckily the English weather held out for us… just! From a delicious cream tea to blissful music being played by the band, it was a wonderful afternoon had by all.

Helen attended the afternoon with her sister, and said: “I had the most wonderful day of my life, it was an incredible experience and one that I will never forget. I would never have thought I would ever attend such an event. I was privileged to be there and had a wonderful, memorable, amazing and surreal experience. I really felt special for the day and got to meet so many others, it was very humbling and uplifting. Everyone was most helpful and despite being busy. They were always attentive and made you feel welcome.”

Fiona and Jim also attended. Fiona added: “Tuesday was AMAZING! Jim and I had such a great time seeing some friends from H4H. It was such a privilege to be at Buckingham Palace. Thank you so much for whoever had the lucky hand of pulling your names out of the ballot and to The Not Forgotten Association for our invite. It was a truly special day.”

To add to the above...

6 Band of Brothers have just returned from a week learning to dive in Malta. The group had an amazing time and it was described by one member as a ‘experience of a life time’. Andy attended and said “It was an amazing journey to have gone through, from sheer terror on day one, and relief to have survived! To the latter stages where I totally immersed myself in the experience of being able to swim with neutral bouyancy at 20m under the water. I have already started to plan my next visit to Gozo with my girlfriend as we plan to dive together. Thank you to everyone who was there, it was great team work and good fun.”

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