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Tuesday 30 May 2017

BoB BoS National Updates | Great Holiday Offers

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We had a great start to the month with a rocktastic donation of 300 tickets for Band of Brothers and Sisters to attend the Iron Maiden concert at Sheffield Arena on Wednesday 10 May! We have received some great feedback for this event with the general consensus that no one could hear a thing for days after! Maria-Theresa attended the event and had a great night out with a friend:

“My ears are still ringing but oh my gosh what a great concert. As a lifelong Iron Maiden fan it was great to see this Book of Souls tour. Collecting the tickets was really easy too and all troops/veterans were guided to their own stand which had and a straight on view of the stage. I had a great night with one of my best friends.”

Mike attended with his friend and also had a lovely evening.

On a muddier note, two of our Band of Brothers took part in the ‘Toughest Tough Mudder’ on Saturday 13 May. The challenge is an 8-hour obstacle course and it is not for the faint hearted! Liam took part and described the experience:

“I really enjoyed the Toughest Mudder experience. The thought of running for 8 hours through swamps, over tall walls and pretty tough obstacles was quite daunting to say the least. Turning up I was warmly welcomed by the H4H tent and it supplied me with votes of confidence and protein shakes. Well needed. After the start at midnight I got into my stride and took on the first 5-mile lap. I think the excitement of being there and the crowds pushed me through and the lap was complete in just over an hour. As the night went on I really understood why it was called Toughest Mudder. I'm not going to lie it was bloody hard work. Each lap different obstacles were opened to give variety but being soaked through; getting electrocuted and physically tough obstacles began to drain the body of energy.” 

Well done to the both of you! What an achievement!

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