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Tuesday 28 March 2017

BoB BoS National Updates

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Our very own Lucy Wray took on the trek of a lifetime in Burma recently. In this blog post Lucy recalls her experience of supporting several beneficiaries on their incredible adventure. 

"It seems a very long time since I was packing my boots and insect repellent and setting off on the trip of a lifetime!

"At the end of February, I was given the most wonderful opportunity of supporting 7 Band of Sisters and 3 Band of Brothers on this year’s overseas H4H challenge, ‘Burma Trek 2017’, and what an incredible journey it was.

"There was the usual anxiety and anticipation amongst the group when we all arrived and met at Heathrow on the Saturday morning, however the group very soon grasped that there was a common understanding, and 32 people became one big supportive team with one challenge to face together, and laughter started from the offset!

"During the 10 days, as a group, we experienced a life so far from normality, from sleeping in monasteries under mosquito nets, trawling through Burmese food markets selling witchery grubs, and crickets for snacks, to showering from cow troughs and experiencing typical Burmese eateries.

"The trekking was hot and some days we covered many miles on undulating ground, but we were all distracted by the beautiful untouched scenery through jungle, quiet villages and farmland, where locals would use oxen to pull wooden ploughs to farm fields, I had personally never been anywhere as different. The days flew by with many great conversations, jokes, and continuous banter which helped the whole group gel as well as it did.  Alongside the trekking we had the chance to explore ancient temples, and spend a couple of days on the beautiful Lake Inle, it was a once in a lifetime experience!

"I cannot emphasise enough how much of a positive effect this H4H challenge has had on everyone who took part. Whether you were a BoB/BoS, a fundraiser or a member of staff, many individuals now have a completely different outlook on life. They are experiencing a new found confidence and have made some incredible lifelong friendships, especially for those BoB and BoS members amongst us."

One of the Band of Sisters Laura Dunning explained the affect it had on her: “During the trip I really found myself, the person I was before I was a mum, a wife, a carer. I said it time and time again on the trek, but I couldn't remember the last time I'd laughed so much; I just felt so comfortable within the group, that I could really be myself”.

Gary King, a Band of Brother member gave the group an insight into his incredibly long and difficult journey through his own recovery, and how he benefited enormously: “I cannot begin to put in to words what the trek meant to me. I went to Burma hoping to find myself and I certainly did that. I feel stronger, more confident and happier than I have in years. Thank you so much for the opportunity of lifetime, you really have given me my life back and I intend to grasp this with both hands and go onwards and upwards!”

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