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Wednesday 29 April 2020

Adapting to a new normal – your questions answered

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With lockdown turning many of our lives upside down, it’s completely natural to feel overwhelmed whilst trying to find a new routine.

As always, we are here to help where we can and recently hosted a live Q&A session called ‘adapting to a new normal.’

Many of you sent questions to our Twitter and Instagram channels, where our Head of Recovery College, Ronnie Allen, was on hand to answer them… here’s a round-up.


How do you juggle the stresses of managing a full-time job with full-time childcare?

It is important you establish a routine that works for both you and the children. Is there another family member who can share the childcare with you?

Overall, remember to be flexible and kind to yourself. Do the best you can do, and this will always be great!


What are three easy things I could do to help adapt to self-isolation?

  • Make the most of the Government advice to exercise one a day.

  • Work out what you enjoy doing and the time of day that is best for you.

  • When you are out, make sure you notice nature with all your senses, particularly whilst the weather is so good.


I’ve been furloughed and am struggling to keep busy. Any advice?

Many people are finding they have extra time on their hands. Try to find a new hobby or a course. Think of something that interests you and see if there’s a free online course to help develop your interest.

It is important to set up a routine for your day so that you feel purposeful. Get up at a regular time, eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise and stay hydrated.


If we are not getting out and about as much as normal, how much exercise should we do each day?

Great question! This does depend on your level of fitness and what type of exercise you usually do. Work within your own limits and listen to your body.

Try some of the great exercise classes that have popped up online and see which you enjoy the most. There are many available, such as the free PE classes Joe Wicks is running online.

Start from the amount of exercise you did before lockdown then build it up gradually, always listening to your body.


How can healthcare workers adapt to a new normal?

It’s vital our healthcare workers take time to look after themselves as much as they do others.

Our Field Guide to Self-Care has been created for everyone currently working tirelessly in our hospitals. We hope it’s a useful resource, not only for our healthcare heroes but for anyone who is finding these times challenging. Click here to read the guide.


Any tips on how to not get bothered by the choices and behaviour of others?

This is about ‘circles of control’. The serenity prayer can offer some wisdom here: "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference."

We cannot control everything around us. Instead, just focus on what is within your control and acknowledge and accept the rest. Minimise the time you spend watching the news or on social media if you notice that it is starting to have an impact.

It is also useful to bear in mind that everyone manages situations like this differently depending on their own needs. Try to be patient and understanding and to give yourself some time and space if you’re feeling frustrated.


Finally, what advice would you give to those in isolation to cope with loneliness?

To cope with loneliness the key advice is to ask for help or at least let others know that you are feeling lonely. Click here to read more of our tips on managing self-isolation.