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Tuesday 02 July 2019

A Baker's Decade

Posted by: Help For Heroes

Growing up as a military child, and with three of her own children now serving in the British Army, Heather felt compelled to help when she saw young people returning from conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan with life changing injuries. A keen baker already, and surrounded by a group of friends who also like to whip up a feast in the kitchen, she told us that it was easy for her to start using her sweet treats to raise money for our wounded heroes.

Heather now hosts two bake sales a year from her own home and gets the entire community involved including local shops and her friends. To make sure the event is well attended there is a raffle, teas and coffees for sale, all sorts of local gifts available to purchase and of course lots of delicious cake! Not happy with just two opportunities to sell cakes in a year though, Heather takes her baked goods along to her British Military Fitness class and says that she has found people to be very generous. We asked Heather just how many of her cakes have now been bought and bitten into, and although she couldn’t give us an exact answer, she was able to share that last year she made 70 Christmas cakes and managed to raise over £2,500 - now that’s some serious dough!

One thing we have learnt from Heather is that the key ingredient to bake sale success is that it’s best to get others involved! Adding into the mix her friends, local community and family, “my sister comes for the weekend prior to the Christmas bake sale and helps me marzipan and decorate them as she is far more create than me. We have great fun”, Heather and her baking friends have been able to make a real difference to the lives of our wounded heroes and their families.

It’s not too late to host your own Bake for Heroes event this year, so if you have been inspired by Heather’s achievements then sign up to get your free Bake for Heroes fundraising pack today.

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