Get muddy and get fit in support of our Heroes

Monday 18 March 2019

This summer will you prepare to do battle with the mud, by taking on a Tough Mudder in support of our Heroes?

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Launching yourself around an obstacle course designed by Special Forces might not sound like a walk in the park, but when you consider the potential health benefits of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone it all begins to sound a lot more appealing.

Former Royal Marines Simon Jeffries and John Sykes-Popham founded The Natural Edge, a company whose philosophy is built around health, performance and adventure. They’ll both be taking part in a Tough Mudder with Help for Heroes this summer, and they’re here to talk about why you should join them!

“A Tough Mudder is the ultimate workout – you’ve got the cardio element, which is the running between the obstacles, and then the bodyweight strength needed to get yourself over and under them”, says Simon. “With a bit of training, you’re going to end up feeling really fit, reaping the benefit of being outdoors and doing something great by raising money – in other words, you’ll be doing great things for yourself and others at the same time!”

“Training for a Tough Mudder will give you a great level of all-round fitness, and there are lots you can do to prepare for it besides running. People assume for an event like this that it’s all about running and jogging in the lead-up, but things like gymnastics, weight lifting, aerobics, rowing– they’re all great activities that will get you ready.

“You’ll feel the benefits in your mind too. Exercise is fantastic for mental health and there are lots of studies out there to prove it.

“Plus, the camaraderie you’ll experience on the day itself will also be such a great mood booster. Getting over the obstacles is all about teamwork!”

Adds John: “When you push yourself out of your comfort zone you learn new things about yourself – how far you can push yourself and what your body can do, and that all makes you feel good.”

Simon and John can’t wait to take on their Tough Mudder – they’ll be tackling the Bristol Urban 5k. If they’ve inspired you to join them you can find out more about Tough Mudder events taking place all around the UK between now and September here. Or check out our Facebook Event Page where The Natural Edge will be posting articles to help you get prepared to take on Tough Mudder.


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