Mel Waters explains why it’s vital that Tory Leadership sign up to the Veteran’s Pledge

Tuesday 9 July 2019

Help for Heroes firmly believes that those who have given so much for this country deserve a fair deal.
But too often, this just isn’t the case.

We hear from those we support about unacceptable waiting times for treatment, health services that don’t properly understand their needs and the sometimes devastating impacts on their wellbeing of leaving the military as a result of injury or illness.

Most recently, we have been calling for veterans with complex rehabilitation needs to be given better access to the MoD’s state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre, Stanford Hall.

An Office of Veterans’ Affairs would ensure all government departments are issuing policies which recognise their responsibility to those who have served while having a Cabinet-level Minister would ensure the needs of our veterans are heard at the highest level.

While the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant were enshrined in law in 2011, there are currently no consequences if the Covenant is not properly applied.

We believe this needs to change, to properly deliver on the promise that no individual should be disadvantaged as a result of their service in the Armed Forces.

Help for Heroes has supported more than 22,000 wounded personnel and their families to date, but we know more can be done for them – which is why we believe it is vital for the Tory leadership contenders to be signed up to the Veterans’ Pledge and put the needs of wounded heroes back on the agenda.

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