Victor Pemberton's Arctic Challenge

Monday 1 August 2016

Victor Pemberton, an 84 year old who has had a wide and varied career in writing and production in the media (including working on the early days of Doctor Who, and writing many novels), has started a once in a lifetime challenge to the Arctic Circle. Over the years Victor always had the dream to travel, to see the far corners of the world and discover the cultures and people that only lived in his childhood geography books, and fulfill a dream that seemed impossible while growing up during the Second World War.

Victor Pemberton

With a lifetime of adventure now under his belt, Victor decided that it was time to do something that will help others live a better life. With that in mind, on 28th July 2016 Victor set off from his home in Costa Blanca and started heading towards the colder climes of the Arctic Circle. His solo journey will see him cross seven countries and over 10,000km, while raising money for our wounded, injured and sick Servicemen, women and veterans.

While travelling over 10,000km on his own seems like an incredible challenge, Victor's biggest fear is fighting technology every day to send out video blogs on how his journey is going. Twice a day via Youtube Victor will document his amazing journey, and share his adventure with friends and strangers alike.

To support Victor on his challenge and to find out more visit his website or JustGiving page

Victor Pemberton's route


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