H4H Spring photo shoot: behind the scenes Day 2

Wednesday 11 March 2015

We were grateful to be inside a warmer, although still slightly drafty, beach house on the second day of our spring photoshoot, as the skies of East Sussex had turned from a brilliant blue to a despressing grey, the wind was howling and the rain was coming down thick and fast (it had to remind us that it was definitely still November!). We started the day shooting menswear, and just to be funny, we shot our best-selling Vintage Flag T-SHIRT first, which was quickly followed by a few sweatshirts, rugby tops and sweatpants to warm up!

   Help for Heroes TradingHelp for Heroes TradingHelp for Heroes Trading

We’ve recently partnered up with Marston’s Brewery to produce a Help for Heroes Blonde Ale, which was created by a trio of Band of Brothers members, Si Brown, Pete Dunning and Baz Whittingham, alongside Marston’s Brewers. So, of course we had to take it along to the shoot to include it in some shots… for photography purposes only, obviously… Our model Lawrie was a bit disappointed when we filled his bottle with water instead (well, he can’t be drinking on the job!).

  Help for Heroes TradingHelp for Heroes TradingHelp for Heroes Trading

Although the backdrop was less exciting than woodland and a beach, we were able to get through a huge number of great shots and keep motivated with tasty treats courtesy of our wonderful Production Manager, Liam Bergin.

  Help for Heroes TradingHelp for Heroes TradingHelp for Heroes Trading

We gave our model Jessica a bit of attention after lunch and powered through the rest of our womenswear collection. At first she wasn’t sure what we meant by “do a cheesey thumbs up”, but quickly found out and got quite into it! She even made it into a competition with Lawrie as to who could give the most ‘cheese’… We’ll leave you to decide the winner...

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We did get some ‘sensible’ shots too (as sensible as we ever are at H4H!) to really show off our new collection, which features our largest range of womenswear yet, from sparkly T-shirts and cosy zipped hoodies to graphic long sleeves and luscious leather accessories.

  Help for Heroes TradingHelp for Heroes TradingHelp for Heroes Trading

In true H4H style, we finished by shooting every hoody in our range – double shots, single shots, fun shots, silly shots, jumping shots, back to back shots and of course, dancing shots (yes, we really did make them dance – check out Lawrie’s ‘Jazz Hands’ below!). 

   Help for Heroes TradingHelp for Heroes TradingHelp for Heroes TradingHelp for Heroes Trading

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We hope you enjoy our spring collection and remember that everytime you shop with us, your money is really making a difference. Visit shop.helpforheroes.org.uk for our full collection.


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