4 x 4 European Rally

Friday 19 June 2015

 The Rally organisers, Keith Bowen and Tim Price-Bowen, were delighted to give the news that the Rally had reached its target just before setting off for this year’s ‘Final Mission’


We are massively proud to announce that the Help for Heroes 4x4 European Rally has now reached our target in raising £1,000,000 for Help for Heroes Official!

Our thanks go to all those who have donated & supported us since 2010 especially to all the crews who have done such an outstanding job in taking us to this seven figure amount!!

Thanks again to all!

The team have travelled over many miles through Germany and taking time to visit museums and cemetries dedicated to the World War 2 battles around the Ardennes. But they also took time to have an off-road adventure, which is what they like doing best!

4 x 4 European Rally

Domino's Pizza in Oosterbeck made themselves popular by delivering 65 pizzas to the camp site near Arnhem!

4 x 4 European Rally

The rally have also travelled through the Netherlands visiting the Wings of Liberation Museum and the museum Hartenstein commorating Operation Market Garden in 1944. They took the opportunity to watch a dvd of A Bridge Too Far while sitting outside in the balmy evening, this year the weather has been very kind.

4 x 4 European Rally

There is a crew of 2 Band of Brothers in a Landrover kindly supplied by Jaguar Landrover; Brendan Prudom and Curtis Pugh. They, and all the teams, will have a Skytag tracker fitted, allowing live tracking of their whereabouts during the journey - http://www.h4hrally.co.uk/livetracking/



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