Bryn and Emma's C2C Challenge Day 5: No rest day for the cyclists

Thursday 26 June 2014

Having had an expensive and not very good dinner in the Medieval part of town, followed by a noisy, hot and cramped night at the Railway hotel, combined with a realisation that tomorrow's planned route was a tad overambitious, we have decided to move on today.

Bryn and Emma's C2C Challenge

We have found a room in Pionsat, 30 km away, on our route, albeit up the mountain. Our theory is that we can break up a massif day tomorrow into two more doable parts, of 30km and 50km. Both look like being somewhat challenging as they will be total climbing and if the ascents are like yesterday's descents in reverse, they'll be amusing.

We have also, you will have noticed, decided to join Europe and we have gone metric as that will make navigation easier.

Bryn and Emma's C2C Challenge

So, we are off to the railway station to buy sweets, bars and anything else with high calorific value then we check out of Hotel les Miserables at 11am and climb away to the south east.

As Scott of the Antarctic would have said, we are in good spirits and going well. I will report again from altitude.

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