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Fundraising Ideas in Memory of Someone

What is in memory fundraising?

In memory fundraising is a fundraiser held in memory of someone who has passed away. The fundraiser aims to raise money for a cause that was close to the heart of the loved one you are honouring. In memory fundraising is a popular way to celebrate the life of those who have passed, either on their birthday, the anniversary of their death, or another significant date. Fundraisers are a wonderful way to make your act of remembrance one of positivity and joy, bringing people together to raise money for a fantastic cause, all while celebrating their warm memories of your loved one. 


Top fundraising ideas in memory of someone

There are plenty of ways to raise money for charity in memory of someone special. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Sponsored walks and rides

Sponsored events are a common way of raising money for charity, and the more challenging, the better! Whether you're taking on a charity run in the shape of the London marathon or a charity bike ride along the coast, asking people to sponsor you will push you to give your absolute best, all while honouring your loved one. Don't worry if you don't consider yourself to be in peak fitness, there are plenty of routes and rides to suit all abilities, even for kiddies. If you're not up for a run, a charity walk or trek offers an equally memorable experience, with truly breath-taking routes across the UK.

Interested in a charity bike ride? Our official Big Battlefield Bike Ride is an incredible fundraising experience where we raise money for wounded veterans while cycling through the iconic Western Front. It's a wonderful and deeply moving chance for in memory fundraising, especially for those who served. For over ten years, Help for Heroes has cycled this route, paying our wounded and fallen veterans the respect they deserve and making incredible new friendships along the way. 

Other physical challenges

Overcoming adversity to achieve the remarkable is something Help for Heroes truly believes in, and it's what drives the Invictus Games, where many of our Heroes have realised their sporting dreams. Rachel Williamson is just one of our Heroes who has used sport as a way to overcome injury and depression and is readying herself for the 2020 games. Follow the inspiring lead set by our Heroes with your in memory fundraising and take on serious challenges, from lifting the Dinnie Stones in Scotland to competing in a bodybuilding contest. 

Birthday party

A perfect all-ages activity to raise funds and guarantee fun, a good old birthday party is a fantastic means of in memory fundraising. Whether you add a donation link to invitations, use collection boxes on the day or ask everyone to accessorise their outfit with our stylish Help for Heroes items, parties are a simple and fun way to celebrate your memories and make new ones as well. 

Fun challenges

It's not all about blood, sweat, and tears – the word "fun" comes first in "fundraiser"– so long as your friends and family are behind you, your challenges can be a bit silly too. If your loved one was a chocoholic, try giving up chocolate for six months. If they were a great singer, have a karaoke marathon. There's no wrong way to celebrate your loved one with in memory fundraising, so think outside the box.

Frequently Asked Questions about in memory fundraising

How can I collect money for my fundraiser?

There are several ways you can collect money for a fundraiser both on and offline:

  • Collection boxes and tins

  • Donating directly on our Donation page

  • Setting up a Just Giving page

  • Setting up a Facebook Fundraiser page

  • Setting up a Hero Fund

Please make sure to contact us so we can give you an event ID. This means all funds collected, whether in person or online, can count to your fundraising goal. We can also supply you with collection tins and boxes. 

How do I set up a Help for Heroes Hero Fund?

You can set up a Hero Fund on our site. A Hero Fund makes it easy for you to set a fundraising goal, and allows for simple and secure donations from your friends and family. The fund is designed to honour the memory of loved ones, so you can select a photo, add a personal message, and the title will be in their name, e.g., "Brenda's Hero Fund." Anyone who makes a donation can leave an optional message, and offline donations will count towards your fund as well. You can also donate to other Hero Funds if you wish, and add an optional 3% to cover all admin fees for your donation. 

How do I set up a Just Giving page?

A Just Giving page also allows for easy and secure online donations. People can donate what they like and leave a message, or do so completely anonymously. You can set a fundraising goal, see how close you are, and precisely how many people have donated. Find out how to set up a Just Giving page

How do I set up a Facebook Fundraiser?

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your fundraiser, and with Facebook, you can also host them there. Facebook fundraisers are simple to set up. Simply choose your charity, your fundraising goal, and the end date. It's then shared with all your Facebook friends and they can donate right from your page.

Can I add Gift Aid to my donation?

Yes, Hero Funds, Just Giving, and Facebook Fundraisers all allow you to add Gift Aid, but this will depend on your personal circumstances as it is based on an individual's tax contributions. This means you cannot claim Gift Aid on group collections. Gift Aid allows us to claim an extra 25p from the government on every £1 you donate. 

What does it mean to be sponsored?

In terms of charity, a sponsorship is not very different from a donation, but there is the expectation that you are doing something that has encouraged the donation. For example, to encourage you during your fundraising ideas in memory of someone special, friends and family can sponsor you. Taking on a challenge can be a great incentive to get loved ones involved with in memory fundraising as they are personally invested in your progress. Of course, every donation helps us with our important work, but sponsorships made in memory fundraising can help it feel more meaningful. 

How do I send in any cash from my fundraiser?

Do not send cash in the post. If you have collected cash in person, then please total it up and do one of the following:

Pay it in at a bank to our Lloyd's bank account (Bank of Scotland for Scottish residents):

'Help for Heroes'

Sort Code: 30-90-21

Account Number: 03524452


Make a card payment over the phone on:  0300 303 9888

Send a cheque, payable to Help for Heroes to:

Help for Heroes – Donations

14 Parkers Close





How long should a fundraiser be?

In memory fundraising typically should last no longer than a month, so people can donate in the run-up to an event and in the days that follow. Fundraisers are designed to be special one-off events, so they run for a limited time. If you would like to give continuously, please consider making the Hero's Promise, where your continued generosity can help us support our veterans.

What if I miss my target?

Fundraisers really are all about taking part, regardless of whether you 'win' or not. Even if you are struck down by injury before you can take on your marathon, the important thing is that you, friends, and family have all helped honour your loved one by donating and supporting you on your journey. Every donation counts, and every moment matters, even if you don't quite achieve your goal.

Can Help for Heroes help with my fundraiser? 

Our team will be happy to offer you guidance, send you collection boxes, and set up an event ID for your in memory fundraising. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any financial support to fundraising events.

Other ways to donate in memory

While an event or a challenge are memorable ways to celebrate your loved ones and raise funds for a good cause, every donation helps, and you can make a difference through several very straight-forward methods too. We have several other ways to donate in memory.

Donate online

Perhaps you don't want to make your in memory fundraising a big event and would prefer for you and your family to make their own donations in their own time. You can do this on our donation page, and we are grateful to receive any amount. You can choose to donate just once or pick an amount to donate every month. There is an option to add your loved one's name, so we know your donations have been made in memory.

Memorial collections

Collections at memorial services allow people to make their own donations in memory. Contact our support team for collection envelopes and to register your collection.