Free Wills Month – What is it and When is it?

What is Free Wills Month?

Free Wills Month is a national month-long event when charities, solicitors, and will companies join together to offer people free wills. The initiative applies to England, Northern Ireland, and Wales and allows for members of the public aged 55 and over to apply for a free will. There are over 100 Free Wills Month charities, including some of the UK’s largest names such as Age UK, Marie Curie, Cancer Research UK, and, of course, Help for Heroes. 

When is free will month?

Free Wills Month is every March and October, and you can contact the participating Free Wills Month charities throughout October to benefit from the initiative. Free Will Month solicitors work on a first-come, first-serve basis, meaning all available appointments in your area may be filled before the end of October, so registering your interest early is a must.

What do I need to get a free will?

You will need to visit the Free Wills Month website and put in your postcode to see if there are any Free Will Month participating businesses near you. The precise areas where you can make a free will changes every time the scheme runs, so if your area isn’t covered this month, try again the next time. 

Our free will writing guide can help you plan your will, so you know precisely what you want to discuss with our Free Will Month solicitors.

Where can I find free will month solicitors?

You should use the Free Wills Month website to be connected with local Free Will Month solicitors who are taking part in the initiative. You can then visit them to create a will free of charge. Individuals with complicated estate matters may need to pay additional costs. 

Consider leaving a gift in your free will

Free Wills Month was started in the hope that it would encourage people to leave a gift to charity in their wills. As well as helping our Heroes, or any worthy cause you choose, a charitable legacy also has tax benefits in regards to inheritance tax. Free Wills Month charities cover a vast range of causes.

Leaving a legacy means that your generosity will continue to change lives, allowing Help for Heroes to continue giving much-needed support to wounded veterans.

There is no obligation to leave a gift to charity even if you use Free Wills Month to make a will. However, your solicitor may encourage it, as charitable giving is the driving force of Free Wills Month

Don’t meet the full criteria or want a will sooner?

If you are not eligible for Free Wills Month or live in an area where Free Will Month solicitors do not operate, you can still access a free will via the services offered by the National Free Wills Network. Unlike Free Wills Month, which is open to the public, free will-writing services provided by participating charities are only available to known supporters, i.e., people who donate to them. 

Get in touch with your chosen charity to receive a free will pack and arrange an appointment with participating solicitors. Some charities may let you complete the process entirely online in collaboration with will writing companies. Again, there is no obligation to leave a gift, though it is very much hoped that you do consider leaving a charitable legacy for our Heroes. 

Help for Heroes also partners with Bequeathed to offer free wills to our supporters, and the process can be done online, over the phone, or face to face. They will also be able to offer advice on any complicated issues you may have concerning your will.