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Fundraising Information

Pre-Event Information

When organising your own Help for Heroes fundraiser, no matter how big or small, there are many things you need to think about, from getting the right event insurance to having somewhere to put your money.

Fundraising Information - Pre-Event

We want this process to be as simple and stress-free as possible for you, so we've tried to answer all those key questions about how to organise a charity fundraiser.

Can you help with corporate sponsorship?

Help for Heroes has been very fortunate to work with some large and well-known brands and companies. We are hugely grateful for the support they show us, and to respect this partnership we do not give out corporate contacts.

Can you publicise my event?

Telling as many people as possible about what you are doing is key to making it a huge success. While Help for Heroes can't publicise the event, we do have a few top tips.

Put up flyers and posters, contact your local paper and radio station to let them know what you're doing, and check if they have a listings section online where you can add your event. Also check if there are any other local listings you can post your event on.

The Help for Heroes national events page can feature your event if you choose this option when you register your event. Unfortunately we can't send information about your event to our mailing list. We can also help with social media - tweet us about your event using @helpforheroes and we will try to retweet to our followers. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee retweets. You can also post on our Facebook page.

Can you help fund my event?

While we are so grateful that you have decided to fundraise for us, unfortunately we cannot help you pay for your event.  All money raised in support of Help for Heroes is allocated and spent to help our wounded, injured and sick Service personnel and Veterans. We therefore cannot use any of the money we receive to pay for events.

How do I organise a public collection

To be sure your collection is legal as well as fun, please first register your collection with our Supporter Relationships Team. They will then share the guidelines with you.

You can contact the team on 0300 303 9888 or email

How do I get buckets & tins?

Once you have registered your plans, please email The team will then select the most appropriate items for your fundraiser. Please have your event ID number to hand.

Can I use the H4H logo?

If you would like to use our logo on any marketing materials you can email You can also request other marketing material including the stretcher-bearers, but these must be used in conjunction with the logo.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the Help for Heroes Bears.

Once you have received the logo, please email your designs to so they can be approved by our Design Team.

You are unable to use the logo on items that are to be sold without approval from our Brand Partnerships Team.

Finally, please do not take our logo straight from the internet; we have a special logo for our amazing supporters.

Can I produce a song/poem/video for Help for Heroes?

You are more than welcome to get creative for H4H, but you must register it as a fundraiser so our team can make sure it is suitable, and that we can advise on any criteria or guidelines that need to be met.

Help for Heroes has never released a single or approached artists or record companies – these people have chosen to fundraise in support of Help for Heroes and we’ve been grateful recipients. Therefore, we are really not in a position to help (unsigned) artists get their music heard/published and do not have the expertise to provide advice.

Similarly we do not have the means to publish or share books or poems, but we are extremely grateful to all those who choose to share their work with us.

Can someone from Help for Heroes attend my event?

We have an incredible network of volunteer regional and county coordinators. They can help with things like cheque presentations, stalls and speaking about the work Help for Heroes does. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee they can go to every event, but if you contact the Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888 they will do their best to help.

What insurance do I need for my event?

You may need to take out event insurance and public liability insurance. An event insurance company would be able to advise you on the right level of cover required to suit your plans.

The different types include:

•    public liability cover
•    event cancellation insurance 
•    travel or health insurance 
•    cover to meet any contractual conditions
•    damage to property owned, hired or borrowed.

If the fundraising is by a group of people attached to a firm, the company’s insurers may consider providing some cover for a staff or customer charitable event.

Can you organise for a celebrity to come to my event?

Having a celebrity at your fundraiser should raise the profile, but unfortunately, Help for Heroes cannot organise this for you. If you would like to invite a celebrity, we recommend getting in touch with their agent.

Can you organise a soldier to come to my event?

Having military personnel at your fundraiser can also be a big boost, but unfortunately, Help for Heroes cannot organise a serving soldier to come along. We recommend you contact your nearest garrison or TA or Reserves recruitment office and ask them about having soldiers at your event.

Also please be aware if you are organising any media coverage, a serving soldier cannot do any interviews without MOD media clearance, and this takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks. If you have any further questions, please email

What if I want to have a raffle or competition?

If you are planning a lottery (such as a raffle, tombola or sweepstake), you should be aware that there are strict laws and rules about what you can do.

For those in England, Wales or Scotland, the Gambling Commission publishes useful guidance about these at

The Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action publishes guidance for Northern Ireland at

You can find out more about lotteries, raffles and prize draws in our lottery licence document.

What should I do with the money at my fundraiser?

We recommend you purchase a lockable box so if you are running a stall or taking donations you can store the cash in a secure location.

At larger functions, handling the money is a full-time job for one of the organising team. It is good practice for two people to be present whenever cash is handled and, wherever possible, the money should be counted/verified by both people. Everybody should be conscious of security and the possibility of theft.

We recommend having a receipt book for your own records and to give receipts to people who require them (for a donation, for example), books can be bought from most stationery shops, and finally don’t forget to get plenty of money bags from the bank for all the coins and notes.

I am under 18 and want to organise a fundraiser, is this possible?

Yes, Help for Heroes welcomes all fundraisers no matter what their age! If you are under 18 or have people involved in the organisation that are, please make sure they have permission from their parent or guardian, and are supervised by a responsible adult.

To register your fundraising plans, a parent or guardian would need to complete the form on your behalf.

Children should never approach strangers about fundraising. It is illegal for children under 16 years of age to participate in public collections. Never leave your children unsupervised during an event or fundraising activity.

Our supporters continue to amaze us with what they are willing to do to help those who have suffered life-changing injuries.

We understand that organising your own fundraiser may seem like a daunting task, so in this section, you will find a wealth of advice and information to make the process as easy as possible and ensure you get the most out of your fundraiser.

We have split this section into pre and post-event information to make it as simple as possible, and if you have more questions feel free to contact us on 0300 303 9888.

Don’t forget, once you've decided on your fundraiser, please make sure that you register it with us so we can support you all the way.

Post-Event Information

Congratulations on completing your Help for Heroes fundraiser, and thank you so much for 'doing your bit'!

Here is all the information you need to pay in the money you've raised.

We can't thank you enough for getting involved and becoming a part of Team Help for Heroes. We hope you enjoyed fundraising for our Heroes; if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Just send an email to

We may not be able to prevent our Heroes being injured, but together we can help them get better.

What do I do with the donation money?

The money you have raised really will make a difference. So that we can help as many of our beneficiaries as quickly as possible, we would really appreciate receiving the money you have raised as soon as possible, preferably by the next working day. Thank you for your support.

You can pay your money in a number of ways:


At the bank

Our account details are: 

Bank: Lloyds

Account Name: Help for Heroes

Account Number: 03524452

Sort-code: 30-90-21

It is also very important that you write your reference number on the paying in slip, we then ask that you email a copy of the slip to and include your name, address and reference number.

This is so we can trace your payment and ensure we can thank you for your hard work.

By post

You can download our Donations Form or send us a cheque, made payable to Help for Heroes, to: 

Help for Heroes, Donations Team, 14 Parkers Close, Downton Business Centre, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 3RB.

What do I do with my online giving site?

If you have set up an online page with JustGiving, your donations will come directly to us, but please make sure you tell us when your fundraiser has finished, so we can thank you for your hard work.

Please email with the information.

Can you tell people about what I have done?

At Help for Heroes we love to hear about all the amazing things our supporters do. If you would like your fundraiser featured on the website, please email with your name, the name of your fundraiser, the date, amount raised, a short description of what you have done and a high resolution photo. We try to update this regularly with a selection of fundraiser's stories.