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Office and Work Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for a charity in the workplace not only helps you to benefit a good cause, but it also brings together your team and boosts morale, creating a positive working environment.

There are countless ways to raise money for good causes in your workplace, so many, in fact, that it can often be difficult to choose one!

Here’s a rundown of some of our favourite office fundraising ideas for the workplace…


If you can’t allocate a lot of time to your fundraising activities, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to support your chosen charity.

Dress Down Day

A classic workplace fundraising activity, a dress down day involves very little planning and can generate a significant amount of cash for your charity. Simply choose a date, tell your team, and charge everyone a set amount to wear an outfit of their choice. You can even make your dress down the day a regular event.

Swear Jar

Encourage your team to use more positive language and raise money at the same time! Put a swear jar in the middle of the office (or on the desk of a particular offender!) and introduce a fine system for swearing or using certain terms. 

Coffee Donation

If your team are serious coffee addicts, why not encourage your team to donate the price of their daily cuppa to charity for a set amount of time. As well as raising money.

Spare change bucket

Ask the charity you’re raising funds for if they can provide some branded collection buckets. Put these out around the office and encourage your team to drop any spare change they have in as they walk past. You’ll be amazed at how much you can raise, with minimal effort required!

Tuck Shop

It’s hard to resist a snack or a treat during the working day. Why not set up a tuck shop and donate the proceeds to your chosen good cause?

active office fundraising ideas

Activity marathon

Chose an activity and set a challenge for your office to do it for 24 hours straight (in shifts, of course!). Dance marathons are particularly popular! You can then raise money through sponsorship and donations.

Golf tournament

Golf tournaments are not only a great way to bring people together, but they are usually an effective way to raise money. Set a date and location and invite other business to form teams. You can charge an entry fee per team, encourage participants to get sponsorship, or even impose fines on certain holes.

Pet yoga

Animal themed yoga classes are incredibly popular right now! Arrange a yoga class complete with animals (these can be provided by a local shelter or your employees can bring in your own pets) and charge a fee for the class. If it’s popular, you could even run this as a regular event!

Sports day


Everyone remembers sports day at school, so why not hold one in your workplace? Set a date and organise a school-inspired sports day. Your team can pay a small entry fee for each event and you can even sell tickets to watch.

Fun Run


Get active for a great cause! Plan a route and get as many people in the office as possible to sign up for the run. Make sure it’s suitable for all abilities and fitness levels, and you can even open up the event to family and friends.

Five-a-side tournament

Arranging a football tournament can be a bit of work but the effort certainly pays off, bringing the community together while raising money for a great cause. Make sure you get a trophy for the winning team!

Planking challenge


Who can plank the longest? There’s only one way to find out! Raise money whilst exercising!

Sponsored Office Fundraising Ideas

Sponsored silence

Enjoy some peace and quiet while you raise money for a great cause by getting everyone involved in a sponsored silence.

Beard shave

See if any of your bearded team members are willing to shave off their treasured facial hair for a good cause. They can collect sponsorship and you can even hold a shaving event in your office.

Give something up

Why not set a month aside where wiling team members can try to give up a habit they want to kick, in return for sponsorship of course? If anyone is giving up an expensive habit, such as alcohol, cigarettes, or chocolate bars, they could also donate a proportion of the money they would have spent during that time to the charity.

Zip Wire

Take to the heights and get your team involved in a sponsored zip wire challenge. This is not only a fantastic way to raise plenty of money, but it’s also a great team-building activity and lots of fun!


As well as being great fun, it’s Zumba is also a good form of exercise. Ask a certified instructor to host a class for a set length of time and encourage your team members to get sponsored to take part.

Fun office fundraising ideas

The Great Office Bake Off

Everyone loves a sweet treat! Set a date and ask all the keen (and not so keen!) bakers in your office to whip up their favourite cake. The whole office can then buy as many pieces of cake as they want and judge their favourite.

Film Night

If you’ve got a room with a projector or a big screen, a film night is always a popular choice! Ask your team to vote on the film they’d most like to watch and charge for entry. You can even sell snacks to boost your profits.

Karaoke Night

A karaoke night is guaranteed to be fun for everyone! So warm up your vocal chords, take song requests, and charge an entry fee for the night. You can also offer prizes for the best performance, the worst performance, etc.

Quiz Night

A quiz night is a great way to raise funds while getting into the competitive spirit. Hold a quiz night and charge an entry fee per team. It’s a good idea to offer a small prize to the winning team.

Auction of Promises

Ask everyone in the office to donate something and auction them off to the highest bidder. Lots can include anything from making the highest bidder their cups of tea for a week or bringing them in a homemade packed lunch, through to babysitting, dog walking, and language lessons.

Office Olympics

Put together a list of activities relevant to your office and create an obstacle course incorporating them all. The team member who completes the course in the fasten time is declared the winner. You can even give gold, silver, and bronze medals just like the real Olympics.

Games night

Board games at the ready! Bring your colleagues together for a games night and charge a small admission fee. You can also try asking everyone to bring their favourite board game for the event.

How to set up an office-based fundraising event?

To organise an office-based fundraising event, you need to define your cause and set a goal of how much you would like to raise for a given charity. You need to think about the logistics of an event in relation to your office. For example, if you’re planning a sports tournament, do you have a feasible location to pull it off? Once you’ve planned the event, you need to promote it to ensure colleagues get involved.

How to get all employees involved in office fundraising events?

A great way of getting people involved in office fundraising is matching employee donations. It’s also great if the event has an element of competition or can help people develop skills that are linked to their job role. And if all else fails, food will always get people involved!

How to use my office fundraising event for our business’s social media?

If your office fundraising event is open to both staff and clients, you can use your social media channels to promote your event and invite people along. If the event is solely for staff, you can use it as an opportunity to take photos to share on your social media channels, showcasing your charitable activity and the spirit of fun within your business.

What’s the best way of collecting money within an office?

Depending on the type of fundraising event you’re organising, you can collect money in advance. However, it’s better to collect the money on the day to build up an engaging collection process. In the digital age, less and less people carry cash around, so it’s important to offer flexible ways of donating in the workplace.

For example, mobile payments and money collection apps don’t require anyone to have cash, so team members can easily transfer the correct amount with one simple action.