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Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Kids love being included in fundraising and can often get as involved as adults. Raising money for a good cause can teach children a lot about giving back and the importance of social responsibility. It can also show them how their actions can affect other people’s lives in a positive way.

Fundraising for kids needs to be fun, safe and easy to understand across all ages. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite fundraising ideas for kids and schools below.

Athletic Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Sports tournament

Select a fun sport and charge people to enter the competition with a prize for the winner. This is a great way to get kids active whilst having fun and raising money.

Five-a-side tournament

Arranging a football tournament can be a bit of work but the effort certainly pays off. As well as being lots of fun, a football tournament can bring the community together while raising money for a great cause. Make sure you get a trophy for the winning team!

Planking challenge

Who can plank the longest? Raise money whilst exercising!

The Olympic Games

Get the kids active outdoors and raise money at the same time. Plan a day of sporting competitions and games for children of all ages. Charge a registration fee for teams and individuals to take part and have medals for the winners.

Egg & spoon race

Get each participant to make a donation to take part in an egg and spoon race. See who can get the furthest without dropping their egg!

Obstacle course

You’re sure to find plenty of willing participants for an exciting obstacle course. This is also a great idea for schools. Charge for entry and refreshments.

Sponsored Fundraising Ideas for Kids

There are a huge number of activities you can make into child-friendly sponsored fundraising events, allowing families, schools and kids to raise money while having lots of fun! Here are some of our favourites.


Walkathons are suitable for all ages and abilities. Set a distance that’s suitable for your age group, then choose a location and a date (aim for one in summer or spring to increase your chances of getting good weather).


Zumba is not only great fun, it’s also a really child-friendly form of exercise. Ask a certified instructor to host a class for a set length of time (this will need to be longer than the average class, of course!) and encourage children and their families to get involved.

Video games tournament

If your kids love video games, why not hold a sponsored video games tournament? Advertise the tournament and get competitors to collect sponsors. You can even charge spectators 50p to come and watch the event to raise extra money.


Educational and fun, this is a great fundraising idea for schools! Get children to collect sponsorship to read a certain number of pages, chapters or books within a set timeframe – a term usually works well. Ask the children to keep a reading log during the time and, once the term is up, collect the sponsor money.

Sponsored silence

If your children make a lot of noise, a sponsored silence is a way to enjoy five minutes peace while raising money for charity. You’ll probably be surprised how difficult it is to stay silent!

Easy Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Guess the number of … in the jar

Fill a jar up with sweets or puzzle pieces and have people donate to place a guess, offering a prize for the winner.

Penny collection

Most of us have loose change in our pockets, especially copper! Gather some buckets and get the kids to design a poster alongside the charity’s logo before heading out to raise some funds. Split into teams to add some competition to the fundraising.

Non-uniform day

If you’re looking for an easy fundraising idea for your school, hosting a non-uniform or fancy-dress day is the perfect solution. Allow students to come to school in their own clothes in return for a donation. The donation only needs to be small but, with a whole school taking part, you’ll raise a significant amount for your chosen charity or cause. Or, if you want to add an extra element of fun, why not ask them to come in fancy dress?

Film night

Host a film night with fun, child-friendly films and popcorn – get your little ones to invite all of their friends and take donations at the door. You can even get creative and make tickets and film posters for the event.

Games night

Board games at the ready! Invite family and friends round and charge a small admission fee. Try asking everyone to bring their favourite board game for the event so that you don’t need to supply them all yourself.

Book sale

Get the family to sort through their old books and donate any they no longer need. Set up a book stall at school and sell your second-hand books to students, teachers and parents. You could even make this a regular event.

Long Term Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Annual collection

Choose any tin or box and make it your family’s charity donation box. Then make donations every now and then, whenever you come across spare change. At the end of the year, you can count how much you’ve managed to raise and donate it to your chosen charity.


Another long-term fundraising idea is to have a small fine system in place for doing things that aren’t eco-friendly, such as leaving lights on, wasting paper or leaving the taps running. You could agree that the money is deducted from your child’s pocket money at the end of the week or month. This not only raises money for charity, but also helps educate your kids about the small changes we can make in our daily lives to help the environment.

Packing at the supermarket

Contact local supermarkets and see if they will let a team of you go in and help customers with their packing, or to put a charity collection bucket on the checkout. You can do this every week, month, or two months…whenever you’ve

Recipe book

Collect favourite recipes from everyone in your neighbourhood or your class at school and arrange them into a book. You can either print them yourself or find a publisher who will print them professionally at a low cost.