Give Support / Fundraise / Armed Forces Day 2020 – Everything you need to know

Armed Forces Day 2020 – Everything you need to know

When is Armed Forces Day?

Armed Forces Day is Saturday 27 June 2020. It takes place on the last Saturday in June, however, the celebrations begin on the Monday 22 June 2020, when the flag for Armed Forces Day will be raised on landmarks and buildings across the country.

Where is Armed Forces Day 2020?

The National Armed Forces Day Event 2020 will be held in Scarborough, but there are also local events held across the country. If you would like to find a way to support Armed Forces Day, search here to find an event local to you.


The bids for the 2021 Armed Forces Day National Event location will be taken from the 1 December 2019 until 15 March 2020.


What is Armed Forces Day?

Armed Forces Day is an opportunity to show support to current serving troops in the Armed Forces, as well as veterans and cadets. If you would like to support the many men and women who make up the Armed Forces, find out how to get involved in your local community. 

What is the purpose of Armed Forces Day?

We celebrate Armed Forces Day to show support and appreciation for the Armed Forces in the UK, Veterans, Reservists, Cadets and their families. It is also a chance to raise money and help to support those with injuries and illnesses that are a result of their service in the British Armed Forces.

Why do we celebrate Armed Forces Day?

As well as being a chance to raise money for charity, Armed Forces Day gives us the opportunity to support men and women in the Armed Forces and their families. To find out more about the great work the Armed Forces do in the UK and around the world visit the official website of the British Army, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.

Where has Armed Forces Day previously been held?

In the UK, Armed Forces Day used to be called Veterans’ Day, but changed its name in 2009. It has been held in many different cities across the country including:

  • Armed Forces Day 2009 – Chatham, Kent
  • Armed Forces Day 2010 – Cardiff
  • Armed Forces Day 2011 – Edinburgh
  • Armed Forces Day 2012 – Plymouth
  • Armed Forces Day 2013 – Nottingham
  • Armed Forces Day 2014 – Stirling
  • Armed Forces Day 2015 – Guilford 
  • Armed Forces Day 2016 – Lincolnshire
  • Armed Forces Day 2017 – Liverpool 
  • Armed Forces Day 2018 – Llandudno
  • Armed Forces Day 2019 - Salisbury

How can I get involved in Armed Forces Day?

There are many different ways you can get involved in Armed Forces Day, such as attending a local event, hosting your own event or sharing your support through social media. If you would like to fundraise for Help for Heroes and help support injured members from the Armed Forces, take a look at our fundraising ideas and information.

Armed Forces Day Events

Throughout the week leading up to Armed Forces Day, there will be hundreds of events held across the UK. Explore the events available to find one near to you.