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Coronavirus : support for the days and weeks ahead

The coronavirus outbreak has left lots of us feeling anxious and in these uncertain times, it’s OK not to feel OK. At a time like this, it’s important we all look out for one another, which is why we are sharing some tips and tools on how to manage your wellbeing during this stressful time.

We are making some of our emotional resilience resources available on our site – just click the link ‘A Field Guide to Self-Care’ below. These resources were designed to help our wounded veterans, but the situations our NHS staff are now dealing with across the country are similar to those our veterans will have faced on the battlefield and beyond.

You can also find the most up to date Government guidelines and NHS advice on coronavirus here.

Government guidelines

Face coverings

NHS advice

The Government has also shared new guidance on how you can look after your mental health during this difficult time, which you can find here

We’ll be adding to this page, so keep popping back and keep an eye out for more tips on our social media channels too.


Top Tips for Dealing with Anxiety: 

A Field Guide to Self Care during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Lessons from the Battlefield

Our Lessons from the Battlefield is a resource of tips and tools our recovery teams deliver to veterans and their loved ones who have experienced traumatic events or have been affected by working in high-intensity situations.

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Support Request

Support Request

If you or a loved one has been physically or psychologically wounded while serving in the British Armed Force we're here to help. Follow the link below to get in touch and find out more about the different ways we can support you and your family.

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Dealing with Anxiety

Dealing with Anxiety

These unsettling times can take a huge toll on our emotional wellbeing and those already living with anxiety may understandably find their worries heightened. We’ve put together some tips and advice on things you can do at home, even as we face this unique situation, to manage your fears and anxieties.

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Managing your sleep

Managing your sleep

Sleep is an essential part of maintaining good health and yet in these uncertain times, coronavirus-related worries can easily contribute to a loss of it.

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Yoga for wellbeing

Yoga for wellbeing

There are lots of relaxation techniques you can practice at home – ideal at a time when we are being advised to stay indoors. Invest some time and energy in learning something new – yoga is great for sleep and it’s something you can get the whole household involved in too.

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