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Yoga/Adaptive Yoga

What is it?

Yoga consists of a flow of postures which are adapted to your individual ability. The sessions also includes some breathing techniques and finishes with some relaxation or Shavasana.

Who is it for?

All beneficiaries: wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans and their families.

Why is it offered?

Mobility, flexibility and strength is something that most people lose with age and busy lifestyles and all can contribute to injury and a poor sense of health and wellbeing. Yoga works on all three of these physical aspects as well as teaching you how to calm your mind, switch off and cope with the pressures, stress and demands of daily life. By the end of the session you will have worked on your mobility, flexibility, circulation, strength and leave feeling energised and refreshed.

Here is some feedback from those who have taken part already: 

“Very positive gentle relief, easy to continue on own, helping to relax muscle tension and reduce pain.”

“Amazing. Great teacher. Would recommend to everyone, doesn't matter what your injury is. It's slow and very relaxing. I have seen yoga in a different light and I will be carrying on in the future.”

“Very good and welcoming and always interested in me as an individual. Listen to whatever I had to say no matter what it was about. I always look forward to attending.”