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The Pathfinder Experience


Loss of military identity may be a difficult time for you. Our Pathfinder Experience provides you with the tools, support and time to help you successfully move into your new life as a civilian.

Many of you will be undergoing the transition from the Armed Services to civilian life whilst some of you may have been civilians for many years but still struggling to feel stable in your life.

Whatever direction you are looking to go in – employment, new hobby, volunteer work or if you are simply unsure the H4H Pathfinder Experience can help you achieve your goals.


Wounded, injured and sick Veterans. 


There are 3 phases to Pathfinder (Inspire, Enable, Support), helping you learn more about yourselves in terms of strengths, skills, likes, dislikes, as well as identify opportunities for a purposeful future role, whether that be in fulfilling paid work, voluntary work or finding enjoyable hobbies.

Throughout the course, you will develop an awareness of what you can do rather than what you can’t do. By the time the Experience is complete, you should be in a position to translate their strengths and skills into civilian life, understand employment and lifestyle options and be confident about what the future holds.