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Stone Carving/Sculpture

What is it?

This course will take you on a journey into working with stone. On the first day you will be taught relief carving techniques. On the second and third days the focus changes to working on three dimensional techniques. 

By the end of the third day you will have a relief carving and a three dimensional piece of stone sculpture. You will also have gained the skills and knowledge to continue creating in stone.

Who is it for?

All beneficiaries: wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans and their families. A maximum of 8 places each course.

Why is it offered?

This three day course provides an alternative activity to sport or traditional art. It demonstrates how sculpturing can be used as a hobby/interest or possible route into employment. 

The course provides an opportunity for you to develop your skills in new areas, socialise with people who have had similar experiences to you and to try something new.