Rolling Recovery Programme


  • Category: Vocational,Sport,Wellbeing,Hobby
  • Type: Course
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Location(s):

What is it?

The Rolling Recovery Programme (RRP) is a 5-day residential programme delivering taster sessions across various activities including; archery, sitting basketball, cooking, art, relaxation, cycling, gardening, sleep hygiene, badminton, tennis, snowboarding, woodwork, and many more.

Who is it for?

Wounded, injured and sick serving personnel and veterans.

Why is it offered?

The RRP gives you access to a wide range of activities and will improve your confidence in a team environment. The activities are designed to improve self-esteem, develop coping strategies, and identify new interests/skills and to help you feel motivated about working towards a better future. Most importantly, we feel those who serve together should recover together and the RRP facilitates this camaraderie and sense of togetherness.