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Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Learning in Physical Education and School Sport

What is it?

The course is a new qualification that will be essential for all individuals coaching young people whether that is in a school, community outreach, football foundation or a holiday club. This opportunity is provided by Sporting Force, who are also able to find placements for individuals who undertake and successfully complete the qualification.

Who is it for?

Wounded, injured and sick veterans and service personnel with an interest in sport and keenness to coach and support others.

Why is it offered?

The five day course will deliver the content with a block of modules usually in the mornings with practical sessions in a sports environment in the afternoons. There is also a period when individuals will be invited to complete work books, either electronic or hard copy. There will then be an assessment day at Sheffield Utd where each individual will deliver coaching to local school children at the Foundation. Transport to the day will be funded by Sheffield Utd.