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Bird Ringing

What is it?

An introduction to bird ringing, which is a method of capturing and recording information on bird species in the woodland.

This activity is held at Tedworth House in Tidworth. Tedworth House is lucky to have more than 20 acres of woodland. You will put up nests throughout the woodland to catch the birds and then ring them to give them a unique identity number. 

You will learn how to safely handle a wild bird in your hand and record information about the birds to help monitor the bird population before safely releasing it back into the woodland. 

This is run with support from Simon Tucker, a qualified bird ringer.

Who is it for?

All beneficiaries: wounded, injured and sick Service Personnel and Veterans, and their families.

Why is it offered?

Spending time in the beautiful woodland at Tedworth will be beneficial for your mental wellbeing. This activity provides an opportunity for you to socialise with people who have had similar experiences to you and to try something new.