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A Field Guide to Self-Care


Our Field Guide to Self-Care is a resource of tips and tools our recovery teams deliver to veterans who have experienced traumatic events or have been affected by working in high-intensity situations. The guide is broken down into three parts; Body, Emotion and Mind and can be worked through in one go or one at a time.  


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NHS Resilience - Body


Our bodies react to stress in different ways. Stress in itself is the body's reaction to what it perceives to be a harmful situation, and much of what happens in our minds in response to it is unconscious.

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This emotional wellbeing toolkit has helped many of our veterans to successfully handle stress and adapt to change and difficult times.

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NHS Resilience - Mind


Try some of these tips to help calm an overactive or anxious mind.

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Supporting the NHS

To play our part and support them, we have been asked to contribute our expertise to a package of support being created for Nightingale and NHS staff. In addition, we are making these resources available on our website to support health workers around the UK in preparing for and dealing with traumatic experiences.

These resources were designed for and co-produced with wounded veterans, but the situations our NHS staff are dealing with draw many parallels to those our veterans will have faced on the battlefield and beyond. The challenges faced by those leaving the military due to illness or injury are often complex, and we believe that those who have already embarked on a recovery journey often have the best insight into what will help others.

Our Field Guide to Self-Care: Body, Emotion and Mind in Action is for the men and women working tirelessly providing healthcare around the UK right now. We hope that it’s a useful resource for our NHS heroes, and for anyone else who may be feeling stressed or anxious during these difficult times.