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Career Advisors

What does a Careers Advisor do?

  • Deliver advice and guidance to help you learn more about career options

  • Provide an assessment of your needs

  • Agree on a plan of action

  • Work with agencies, companies, and employers to ensure you are aware of opportunities and can access support.

  • Help you make informed choices about your future.

  • Find out the skills you’ll need to achieve your career goals and be better prepared to achieve them.

  • Enable you to feel more confident making decisions about your career

For those seeking employment we help with developing ‘work readiness’:

  • Identifying training and development

  • Creating/reviewing CV

  • Cover emails

  • Application forms

  • Job Search

  • Work Placements and volunteering

  • Interview preparation and coaching


What doesn’t a Careers Advisor do?

All the work! You have your part to play as this is your career recovery journey, so you need to own it. The decisions are yours to make. We will provide you with impartial information, advice, and guidance to help you come to the best way forward for you.


How to prepare for your interview

Give some thought about:

  • Your current situation – what planning you have already done.

  • What you would like to change

  • Qualifications or experience required for the career you are interested in

  • How much control you feel you have in making choices and what might the barriers be

  • The ideas you already have but don't know how to move forward

A careers guidance interview is an impartial, one-to-one meeting between yourself and a professionally qualified careers adviser and can last about 45 minutes. It’s not like a job interview - there are no right or wrong answers.