Are you looking to connect with others that get you, whilst trying something new? The Community Sports Series is our way of answering that call.

What is the Community Sports Series and who is it for?

It's an opportunity to connect with likeminded people at an inclusive, fully accessible multi-sports event that introduces veterans and their families to trying something new.

No matter when, where or how long you served, this is for all members of the Armed Forces Community.

Are you new to Help For Heroes and looking to start your journey through sport? You'll need to go through our ask for help process - don't worry, our support team will be in touch and they'll guide you through the process to sign up.

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What can I expect?

    We will provide equipment, accommodation, food, and travel support where necessary so all you need to bring is your competitive edge and willingness to get involved.  

    No prior experience or expertise is required, and the events are open to all abilities. There will be practitioners as well as coaches from each sport on hand to help.

    Example day schedule: 


    • Welcome 
    • Individual Training – Rowing, Archery, Sitting Volleyball  


    • Individual Training – Powerlifting, Boccia, Wheelchair Basketball, Optional swimming 


    • Dinner​

    Are you feeling nervous or anxious?

    This event is all about bringing members of the armed forces community together to feel connected, learn new skills and put them into practice at a pace that suits you. We often find that many of our participants have feelings of nervousness, anxiety and haven't participated in sports in long time, and that's okay. They'll be lots of opportunities to ask as many questions as you need before and during the event, and you're welcome to participate in as much or a little as you feel you're able to. 

    I can't describe how and what this has meant to me personally to be back amongst other veterans.



    When is it?

    • A 1-day event locally in your region i.e., Scotland
    • Two 2-day regional events
    • One 2-day national event that is held centrally the summer and in the winter.

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