Gender Pay Balance

We want talented individuals to be part of Team Help for Heroes irrespective of gender, race or beliefs. 

Our Pay & Grading structure means that everyone in the team is paid equally for similar roles, regardless of gender. 

Our records show that in 2017, the gender pay gap at Help for Heroes was 14.45%. While this is far lower than many other organisations, we do not believe it is good enough and are intent on improving it and closing the gap. 


Median Gender Pay Gap Mean Gender Pay Gap   Lower Quartile Lower Middle Quartile  Upper Middle Quartile Upper Quartile Bonus Recieved Median Bonus Gap

Mean Bonus Gap

14.4% 17.1%

   % Male  

23.3% 29.20% 35.60% 49.40% 0 0% 0%
    % Female 76.70% 70.80% 64.40% 50.60% 0 0% 0%