227 Michael Westwell (2) (Small)

Michael Westwell

Gedling, Nottingham

Whilst on deployment, Michael, a former Aircrew Sergeant in the RAF, was tasked with a reconnaissance mission over Afghanistan. It was during this flight that his injury occurred, having spent hours in an observation location, with his head and neck in a stressful position. It was a combination of events, aircraft turbulence and banging his head on a water tank inside the cabin of the aircraft which led to the prolapse of two discs in his neck. This caused severe pain, temporary paralysis of his left arm and muscle wastage of the upper body. Ongoing nerve pain eventually led to him being medically discharged, losing a career and a way of life that he loved. He said: “I firmly believe in a ‘strong head, strong body’ philosophy. The sense of achievement that I gain from taking part individually and as part of a team makes life worth living. Seeing and motivating others to physically and mentally challenge themselves, and come out feeling better as a person, is what drives me on when it starts to get tough.”