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Jennifer Warren

Rugby, Warwickshire

A former Major in the Army, Jennifer has suffered severe nerve injuries resulting in significant loss of muscle power and ability to use her left leg and other areas of her body which means she predominantly uses a wheelchair. Participation in sport - particualrly completing the Arch to Arc challenge in 2015 - gives Jennifer the mental strength to cope with the daily frustrations her disability presents. “Sport enables me to channel this frustration into something positive and stops me giving up. Getting out and enjoying the countryside gives me time to mentally switch off and relax rather than constantly worrying about things. It showed me different wasn’t better/worse and challenging perceptions is nothing to be scared of. It facilitated my successful return to work on two separate occasions. By challenging myself through sport, the huge challenges I face at work seem less daunting. My training has made me physically stronger enabling me to look after my daughter more independently. Sport just gives me a sense of achievement which I'm unable to find anywhere else and makes me happy.”