236 Craig Winspear (2) (Small)

LCpl Craig Winspear


It was Saturday, December 17, 2011 when Craig, serving with the 23rd Pioneer Regiment went out on a mission to search for and deactivate live bombs. Lance Corporal Winspear was leading on the mission and had already found two devices when looking for a third he suddenly lost his footing, slipped down the side of a hill and landed on an active device.

The bomb exploded leaving him fighting for his life. He lost both of his legs from the knee down as well as his thumb and ring finger on the right hand in the explosion, plus many more injuries throughout his body. He awoke at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham a week later and is still currently in rehabilitation at Headley Court in Surrey.

He is most looking forward to the camaraderie and being part of a team again by taking part in the Invictus Games. “I fought for my country, now I want to play for my country.”