Chavasse House's newest Psychological Wellbeing Advisor is welcomed the H4H way!

Chavasse House's newest Psychological Wellbeing Advisor is welcomed the H4H way!


We all know what a first week in a new job can feel like so perhaps feel some sympathy for the Colchester Recovery Centre’s newest recruit, Rose Amado-Taylor, who was thrown in at the deep end as she took part in a three day outdoor residential trip with serving and veteran heroes.

Rose is the Centre’s newest Psychological Wellbeing Advisor and will be working alongside fellow accredited psychotherapist and Psychological Wellbeing Manager, Julian Hayes, at the Essex based Recovery Centre, to provide crucial psychological support to wounded, injured and sick veterans and their loved ones.

No sooner had Rose arrived on her first day but she was handed a pair of wellies, helmet and boiler suit and found herself caving and climbing high ropes.

Rose said: “The Residential trip was such a highlight. To see these men willing to step up to activities regardless of how challenging it was, made me realise what Help for Heroes is about.” Ryan

She added: “My first week was superb, and I am looking forward to understanding more about military families and the complex issues they live with each day.”

Rose has been a practising psychotherapist for over 10 years and her previous role was for a children’s charity working on a project to support families with anti-social behavioural issues.

Explaining why she was drawn to Help for Heroes, Rose says: “I did some work in the US for people with complex PTSD which I found so interesting that I wanted to do something similar here in the UK. When I told my friends I was going to join the H4H team the reaction was “wow”; So I knew I was going to work for a great charity!”

Welcome to Colchester, Rose, we and our beneficiaries are thrilled to have you on the team (but we can't promise not to send you down any more caves!)