Upping the Andes: Reaching Santiago

Upping the Andes: Reaching Santiago

After 50 days of cycling, covering 4005km and 32,982 vertical metres (4x the height of Everest) Archie, Tom, Toby and Guthrie made it to Santiago.

After nearly 2 months on the road and in the saddle the guys have found themselves increasing their daily targets, and their 'long days' now take them on 150km, 10 hour journeys along arduous roads and the terrifying Ruta 5, where they had 4ft of road to play with against speeding lorries. They have also faced days of uncertainty over the health of Guthrie's bike. On the final 100km approach to Santiago they nursed the rear sprocket, in the hope they would receive the tools in Santiago to fix it. With this being unsuccessful they pulled together to fashion a tool themselves from brass piping and after some heart in mouth moments, they were successful in getting him back on the road.

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While they have faced daily challenges, they have also experienced once in a lifetime moments on their amazing journey so far. Some of their difficult days of cycling have been followed by unbelievable coastal campsites and starlit skies that stretch all the way down to the distant horizon. All 4 guys have also been overwhelmed by the incredible hospitality they have received across Chile, including a lovely couple that took them in for the night in Panguipulli and saw them off in the morning with freshly baked bread. They have also escaped the Volcan Vallarrica before it erupted, however their plans to hike up it were scuppered, so they headed to the nearest bar for an afternoon of Six Nations Rugby!

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Archie, Tom, Toby and Guthrie now face an exciting yet intimidating 12 days straight in the saddle, which will see them face the 4000m Paso Cristo Redentor over the Andes.

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