An open letter to all Hero Ride & BBBR 2015 participants

An open letter to all Hero Ride & BBBR 2015 participants

Thank you so much for taking part in either Hero Ride or the BBBR. I very much hope you enjoyed the experience and will look back on it happily! We have collated some great shots from the grand finale at Windsor Heroes' Sunday.

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Regardless of your start point at the four corners of the compass, you became one huge team, Team H4H, once we met at Englefield and we're thrilled with such a great photo of us all at the memorial.

You have ridden with Heroes, ordinary ‘blokes’, men and women who have been affected by their service to our country and are now living with the consequences. They may not think they are anything special but we do. We are proud to do what we can to help support them and all those who could not ride with us. We understand we cannot prevent wars or their dreadful consequences but we can do something to help those who have been injured. Together we can help rebuild shattered lives.


Thank you so much for doing your bit and making such a great ride. You made a real difference to some very special people. That is much needed and deeply appreciated. See you next year!

Onwards and Upwards

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