Student Adventures Update

Student Adventures Update

Student Adventures collapse: Guidance on making a claim for Help for Heroes, Everest Base Camp participants.


We are delighted to let you know that The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which runs ATOL, has confirmed that all money paid directly to Student Adventures is protected.

This means the CAA will remunerate students for the loss of any monies paid directly to Student Adventures, for example, registration fees, trip extensions and other sums paid via the ‘Flexi-Funder’ scheme.


Help for Heroes will co-ordinate refunds from the CAA on behalf of our student customers, in order to smooth the process and try to ensure relevant repayments are recovered for all parties.

To make a claim, the CAA requires everyone to complete a claim form (download here), which should be returned directly to Help for Heroes by post. Help for Heroes will then complete any remaining required information and submit the forms to the CAA on your behalf.

Claim Postal Address

FAO: Kate Blake/ Duncan Hook
Help for Heroes Challenges Team
14 Parkers Close
Downton Business Park
Downton, Salisbury

We strongly recommend that all claims are submitted to Help for Heroes no later than 31st October 2014.


Once the CAA have processed your claim, they will repay you directly any money you paid to Student Adventures and will refund Help for Heroes the balance that the charity paid for your trip.

At this point, we have not been given information about likely timescales but will communicate these as soon as we receive some idea from the CAA.


Help for Heroes fully appreciates that many of you, who have prepared and trained for this challenge, will be keen to participate in an alternative trip to Everest Base Camp.

The team is therefore actively looking into options with other providers, which could be held at a time convenient for the majority and which would not require further additional fund-raising.

We will be writing directly to all participants with more information about these options shortly.

Please note, even if you are interested in the option of an alternative trip, you must still make the standard claim from the CAA described above and we advise that you do so before 31st October 2014.

Other Essential Points to Note:

1. Even if you do not have any personal to claim to make from the CAA, you do still need to complete the claim form (particularly sections 1 – 8) and send the form to Help for Heroes to ensure the money paid by the charity to Student Adventures is not lost.

2. If you paid Student Adventures by credit card or PayPal you will need to make the claim with your credit card provider in the first instance, as the CAA will only refund what cannot be recovered this way.

Thank you again for your understanding - we hope this process is clear but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone 01725 514106 or by email

For further information from the CAA, their latest statement and guidance can be found here.

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