How H4H Helped our Heroes in August

How H4H Helped our Heroes in August

Financial Bear WebThe Help for Heroes Quick Reaction Fund (QRF) is our way of getting swift financial support to those with life-changing injuries and illnesses, whilst simultaneously assisting their families. The QRF can essentially be used for anything that alleviates the distress caused by injury or illness.

The QRF is delivered directly by us, or administered for us through the Services' own charities, and aims to provide support within 72 hours in urgent cases.

In August 2014, the QRF awarded a total of £320,000 helping 76 individuals. Below are some examples of individuals who benefitted from our QRF in August:

  • Grant Award: £816

During a tour of Afghanistan, 29 year old James suffered a severe injury from an IED explosion which resulted in an amputation. While James learned to adjust to his life changing injury and accept his medical discharge, he began to suffer from the seemingly invisible effects of his service. After becoming a veteran, James was diagnosed with PTSD. As with many of the individuals we support, the impact on James' young family was unimaginable. As they learned to adjust, their focus became providing vital support to each other and being a safety net for James. Often the impact on children, who can be too young to fully comprehend, can be challenging.  In August 2014, Help for Heroes provided a grant of £816 to support the costs of James’ daughter to attend a week long respite break. The break provided Masie with an opportunity to relax, enjoy a range of activities and have some fun as all children should! Masie also got the chance to meet others living with similar experiences as the break was specially organised for the children of parents with a life-changing injury or illness. The mutual support amongst the children created by shared experiences provided Masie with a safe supportive environment to express her feelings.

  • Grant Award: £100

Charles had served two and a half years in the British Armed Forces when he suffered a life-changing accident during a training accident. The injuries he sustained cut short Charles' career and he was subsequently medically discharged. As a result of these injuries and the medication he has to take to manage his pain, Charles has struggled, despite his best efforts, to find regular employment since becoming a veteran.  Married and with a young child, Charles and his family are facing a turbulent financial time and currently live in a housing association property with very little furnishings.  In August, Help for Heroes and SSAFA provided funding to support the costs of basic white and brown goods for the family's home.  These household necessities have transformed the home environment for Charles and his family as he looks to re-build their lives post injury.

  • Grant Award: £1,500

Having served a highly active 10 year career in the British Armed Forces, Jeff was devastated became when he began suffering from a long-term pain and fatigue condition.  Now medically discharged, Jeff continues to live in a great deal of pain and he will have to manage his chronic conditions for life. In August, Help for Heroes awarded a grant of £1,500 towards the cost of a recumbent trike for Jeff which will support his ongoing recovery in a number of ways, including; improving fitness and managing weight loss.  Crucially the trike will improve Jeff’s quality of life by enabling him to take part in family outings with his wife and children. 

To find out more, or to apply for grant assistance from Help for Heroes, get in touch on: