Frances Clarkson rides by

Frances Clarkson rides by

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Frances Clarkson and daughter Emma stopped off at Chavasse VC House yesterday as they prepared to set off on their bike ride from Harwich to Arnhem, Holland. 

It was a flying visit but they had enough time to meet Steve Schollar, Centre Manager, who showed them around the Colchester Recovery Centre and gave them a sneak preview of the newly landscaped outdoor space that includes the award winning Chelsea Flower Show garden, Hope on the Horizon

Frances and Emma, who will be cycling with a small team of supporters, are making the three day journey to mark 70 years since Frances’s father won the VC medal and, all going to plan, should arrive at their pilgrimage on Friday 19th September. 

Once the team were suitably re-fuelled with water and posed for the obligatory snap, they set off to the sound of clapping and cheering from Team Chavasse and the warmest of wishes. 

Have you ever wanted to do a charity bike ride? Sign up to our signature fundraising challenge of the year, Hero Ride 2015, and you can become one of thousands doing their bit to support our heroes. 

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