Marston's launch H4H ale

Marston's launch H4H ale

A unique bottled beer created by three injured veterans in partnership with Marston’s goes on sale today to raise funds for wounded Servicemen and women.

The beer came about after a chance meeting between Bryn Parry, Co-Founder of Help for Heroes, and Tesco ale buyer Chiara Nesbitt at The Sun’s Military Awards last year which led to the involvement of Marston’s.

Three members of Help for Heroes Band of Brothers network went to Marston’s brewery in Burton-on-Trent in July to work with Innovations Brewer, Genevieve Upton, on the recipe. Pete Dunning, ‘Baz’ Whittingham and Si Brown knew exactly what they wanted and, after tasting samples, Genevieve narrowed it down to two beer samples to take away and mix together. In typical Band of Brothers no-nonsense-style, Pete, Baz and Si poured the two ingredients together, tasted it and announced “That’s it.”


They believe, with Genevieve’s help, they have come up with a beer that will win over ale drinkers as well as the growing number of traditional lager fans who are now switching to lighter brews but with more flavour.

On a return visit to the brewery to see the finished beer, Help for Heroes Ambassador Simon Brown said: “We wanted a modern-tasting ale and Pete, Baz and I all had a definite idea of how we wanted the beer to taste. Genevieve was brilliant in capturing that for us.

“We hope members of the public, when they are doing their weekly shop, will think about the wounded and pop a couple of bottles into their shopping basket.”


The label for Help for Heroes beer, which has a strength of 4.2% ABV, bears the slogan, “Created by Heroes; Brewed by Marston’s; Enjoyed by Everyone.”

Richard Westwood, Managing Director of Marston’s Beer Company said: “We are enormously proud to be associated with Help for Heroes. Everyone involved in this project has been bowled over by the fantastic work that they do with injured servicemen. We hope that the beer will raise awareness for the work done by the Charity as well as raising some money.”


It is on sale in 250 Tesco stores across the UK, priced at £1.97 with five pence from the sale of each bottle going to Help for Heroes to support injured members of the Armed Forces and their families.

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