Behind the scenes at the Tomorrow film

Behind the scenes at the Tomorrow film

Veteran soldiers at Help for Heroes Recovery Centre, Tedworth House, were given roles as extras in the latest Martin Scorsese film, Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, due for release autumn 2015, spent a day filming at the Tidworth based Recovery Centre last Sunday, using eight veterans as extras. The film candidly explores the difficulty and loneliness soldiers encounter as they try to get back into society having served for their country; moving on from losses and injuries to forge a life, find sustaining work and experience love.

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This is a very topical and timely film, with the end of the UK combat mission in Afghanistan due to take place by the end of the year when British troops will be withdrawn after 13 years of intense fighting, which left nearly 75,000 British men and women in need of physical or psychological support. The film is supporting Help for Heroes and is backing our “Friends” campaign, to encourage regular donating.

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Help for Heroes Director of Recovery, David Richmond, said: “We are so pleased that Tomorrow is tackling some of the very real issues that impact upon our servicemen, women and veterans. As we withdraw from Afghanistan, it is especially important that we don’t forget the long term effects that conflict can have on the people who put themselves on the line for our country – the physical and psychological scars are rarely easy or quick to heal.”

The veterans were asked to play a game of wheelchair basketball and do some training in the gym, which would be used in the background of certain scenes. Veteran Jason Zawaisa said it was a good experience to be involved.

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“It was different and really exciting,” he said. “It’s not every day you get to be involved in a film. It is nice to see a film being made which will hopefully accurately show the experiences me and others have gone through. I’m looking forward to seeing it.”

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Director Martha Pinson said Tedworth House provided an inspiring environment for her, the cast and all of the crew. She said: “ Tomorrow explores the difficulty of moving on from loses and injuries, to forge a life, to find sustaining work, and experience love. This is an acute challenge for a person in their mid‐late 20’s, which has not been extensively explored.”

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