Antarctic Ice Kayak

Antarctic Ice Kayak

Kevin Wright is taking on a personal challenge early next year but the fundraising process has been a true family effort. Kevin’s grandchildren have sold merchandise from our H4H Shop in a Box and his wife and daughters have been hard at work baking to raise funds. Their extraordinary efforts have raised £485 so far, setting Kevin well on his way to his fundraising target.

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Kevin says of his challenge, “It started when I was about 8 years old after watching the movie Scott of the Antarctic starring Sir John Mills. Oh yes it was in black and white in those days! After that I was always fascinated with TV programs about Robert Scott, Ernest Shackleton etc.

Later in life while serving with mountain rescue, a team member shared with me a similar vision but he made a decision at the age of 12 to follow Scott’s footsteps to the South Pole. Eventually he did it with two others and went on to walk to the North Pole, becoming the first man in history to walk to both Poles. Robert has since become an international speaker and operates a charity called 2041 with a mission to save the world’s last wilderness.

In 2012 I went to see the Natural History Museum’s exhibit of Scott’s 100th anniversary of reaching the South Pole and came away knowing that one way or another I must find a way to visit Antarctica. So the saving and the planning started and my brother decided to join me along with two friends. Immediately I started to diet and exercise to ensure I would be fit enough. By September 2013 I felt I was ready and during a visit to Australia my brother and I started to plan things properly. However, upon my return I had two bicycle accidents within nine weeks which led to five broken bones and three operations including a knee replacement and a rebuilt shoulder.

Eventually I started to think I would never make it to Antarctica but was inspired again when Prince Harry and the group of injured soldiers walked to the South Pole. It was then that I felt I could do this. If these brave men and women can walk with artificial limbs why should a new knee and shoulder joint stop me!

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So if I'm going to go why not do something for others? H4H felt the right thing for both myself and my brother Gary so we decided to do the Ice Kayak between two ice sheets and have set a target to raise £2000 (hopefully more) for the charity.”

Kevin and his brother leave for Antarctica on 28/02/15. With his indomitable spirit Kevin will overcome whatever obstacles are in his way!

To sponsor the team on this extraordinary journey visit BMyCharity

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