The Norwegian NightKapp Rally Return Home

The Norwegian NightKapp Rally Return Home

On 18 June 2014, 18 friends took on the challenge of driving nine 30yr old cars Porsche 944's nearly 3,000 miles to raise awareness and money for Help for Heroes.

Norwegian Night Kapp Rally _finish

After 9 days on the Road, and reaching the finish at Nordkapp 10 minutes before schedule, the Rally are to all arrive back in the UK by tomorrow after an incredible journey visiting Landmarks such as the Atomium, Brussels, The Royal Castle, Warsaw and the Freedom Monument, Riga to name a few.

Help for Heroes would like to thank the Rally for their fantastic support with this epic challenge, and welcome them back safely.

To support the Rally and welcome them home, it’s not too late, please visit their online giving page, and to hear more information and see photos from the Rally find them on Facebook.

Norwegian Night Kapp Rally _cars
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