Grant Funding for Leeds University to support our magic mentors!

Grant Funding for Leeds University to support our magic mentors!

Leeds University LogoWe are pleased to announce that grant funding of £13,600 has been awarded to the University of Leeds. The funding will be used for a research project to enhance our knowledge and develop our understanding of the mentoring requirements of our Wounded Injured or Sick in transition from the Military to Civilian Life.

The research team, led by Dr Pamela Fisher, includes Dr Helen Woolnough of Leeds Metropolitan University and Dr Sandra Fielden of the University of Manchester. Between them the three researchers have a wide range of expertise in the areas of psychology, sociology, disability, mentoring, and mental health.

Specifically the project will look into how best to meet the mentoring needs on the Help for Heroes Pathfinder Experience. The Help for Heroes Pathfinder Experience represents a personalised approach to transition and developing a career pathway. Part of the course includes pairing each participant with a mentor  who will help them to find their second career path and provide emotional and social support on the way. Many of the mentors who volunteer their time are ex-forces themselves and we are already seen hugely positive results;

“I came at the start of the week and was completely set it my ways. I was convinced this was going to be another punk course. I’ve been on loads before when I was transitioning out the Army but it’s really opened my eyes. It’s been a massive turning point for me and really helped me work out what I want in life. Things like the Pathfinder course can be a springboard for your future”

The findings from the research undertaken at Leeds University will further improve the training programme for mentors in the Pathfinder course.  The result will be better equipped mentors to support individuals for a successful reintegration into civilian life by providing improved practical, emotional and social support.  

Research findings will also be shared with other organisations that are directly involved in supporting the recovery and transition of our Wounded, Injured or Sick to enable them to tailor their support as required.