Cycling Across America Update 4

Cycling Across America Update 4

Update on Alex Halliday, William Duffy and James Howard who are currently Cycling Across America!

Alex _Halliday _6We hope you are all enjoying this rare English weather we are hearing about. Not the best news for us...we were hoping to be showing off weeks of tanning! Seems we won't be standing out from the crowd after all.

We just thought we would give you a quick update as fingers crossed we shall be boring you with a final blog on the 29th! We are about 400 miles away from San Francisco now and we cannot tell you how excited we are to get over that finish line. Getting on the bike everyday has become very tough and our bodies are truly in need of some serious rest and recovery.

The last week or so has probably been the hardest so far. We are all exhausted and have been desperately in need of some home comforts. Our prayers were answered by the arrival of James's father, Philip. Having done the whole trip unsupported, we decided that tackling the heat of the Nevada during the middle of July was probably not the smartest thing to do. Thus, Philip has come to our rescue housing over 120 bottles of water and countless boxes of cereal bars in his car. We have also been rather cheeky and chucked our panniers in the car - the difference it makes is substantial and it has helped us to make up many of the lost miles waiting out storms. Further, it is fair to say that the three of us underestimated the Nevada and that Philip has been a life saver. Unsurprisingly, there is absolutely no shade in the desert and we're not exaggerating when we say at 7:30pm it was still 100 degrees fahrenheit. As a result of these factors we were rather worried about getting heatstroke. Given there was a stretch of desert with no water for 90 miles left us more than a little worried. Our new member of the squad therefore kept the water on ice as well as the air-con on full blast for our breaks...which were happening rather frequently it must be said. From the three of us - and the rest of our families - I would like to thank Philip for coming out and supporting us through a part in our trip which could have stopped us in our tracks.

Having struggled through Utah and the Nevada, we are in reach of California and are in touching distance of the finish. Utah and the Nevada were both stunning, confirming our views that the west coast is far more interesting than the east. We would quickly like to quell any rumours that the Nevada desert is's not. Believe us...there are big old hills that not even cars enjoy going up!!

May we apologise for keeping this brief but sleep is of the essence and we fear we shall run out of things to say before the final blog! It is quite strange that the finish is just around the corner and after spending so long crossing the country we don't quite know what we are going to do with ourselves when we get back to reality!

If you haven't done already, please take a peek at

All the best and watch this space for the final instalment of our trip!