How H4H Helped our Heroes in October and November

How H4H Helped our Heroes in October and November

Financial Bear WebThe Help for Heroes Quick Reaction Fund (QRF) is our way of getting swift financial support to those with life-changing injuries and illnesses, whilst simultaneously assisting their families. The QRF can essentially be used for anything that alleviates the distress caused by injury or illness.

The QRF is delivered directly by us, or administered for us through the Services' own charities, and aims to provide support within 72 hours in urgent cases.

In October and November 2014, the QRF awarded a total of £270,000 helping 219 individuals. Below are some examples of individuals who benefitted from our QRF in October and November:

  • Region: South East. Grant: £300

    Lee served for 11 years in the Army before being medically discharged as a result of an injury during a training placement.  Lee suffered permanent nerve damage to a number of limbs and was unable to continue in his role in the army.  Following discharge Lee was homeless and unemployed.  Having found secure housing, Lee has now enrolled in a university degree to re-train.  Lee lives with his wife and young son and is working hard to re-build his life but is struggling to support his young family while he studies full-time.  In November 2011, Help for Heroes were able to award Lee a grant of £300, to help him buy warm clothing for the winter.
  •  Region: North East. Grant: £750

    Josh served for two years in the Army before being medically discharged with severe PTSD. Devastatingly Josh has attempted to take his own life on a number of occasions and despite his best efforts to hold down a full time job he is currently unemployed.  Josh continues to receive treatment for his PTSD, but has a number of other complicating health issues too.  His marriage has broken down and Josh currently lives in debt in rented accommodation.  In November 2014 Help for Heroes provided a grant of £750 towards the costs of food shopping, clothing and priority debts.  This grant will provide some respite to Josh’s situation and by working together with other service charities it is hoped that Josh will be able to make positive progress on his recovery journey.
  • Region: Central. Grant: £13,352

    Twenty eight year old Roger served eight years in the Army, including a tour of Afghanistan.  It was during this tour that Roger stepped an IED and his injuries resulted in triple amputation.   On discharge from the Forces, Roger brought a property for him and his partner and made many of the adaptations required to allow him to live independently.  However, in November 2014 Help for Heroes provided a grant of £13,352 to support the costs of final adaptions to his home which includes the installation of ramps and widening of doorways.  This grant will enable Roger to live as independently as possible.
  • Region: East. Grant: £1,500

    Chris served for 12 years in the Army before he was medically discharged following an incident on tour in Afghanistan.  Chris suffered a number of broken bones and significant internal organ damage which meant that he spent over four weeks in a medically induced coma.  Whilst continuing to manage the long-term consequences of his injuries, Chris undertook retraining and following his medical discharge but his drive and determination has seen him retrain and take up a new career.  While providing stability and income, Chris soon found that he missed the challenging nature of his old role and he realised his new career was not providing him with the job satisfaction he had relished in the military. In October 2014, Help for Heroes provided Chris with a grant of £1,500 towards the costs of completing his Ocean Yachts Masters Course.  This grant, along with support from another Service Charity, enhanced learning credits from his time in the Forces and his own savings will enable Chris to complete the course in early 2015. Once qualified Chris will be able to build a new life in the commercial sailing industry, providing him with the job satisfaction and drive that he craves and significantly improving his quality of life.
  • Region: South West. Grant: £2,095

    Dave is a currently serving member of the Armed Forces who has sadly contracted a debilitating disease with no cure. As a way of coping and to improve his quality of life he has taken up sport.  Help for Heroes has provided Dave with a number of grants in the past to buy equipment to support his participation and progression.  In October 2014 Dave approached Help for Heroes as he was finding himself needing to spend more and more on equipment now he is competing at elite athlete level. We were able to provide a grant of £2,095.03 for the purchase of specialist equipment that will support Dave’s ambitions to reach the very pinnacle of his sport and importantly, to continue the activities that are vital for his mental wellbeing. 
  • Region: Scotland. Grant: £3,000

    Robert is a double amputee who was injured while serving in Afghanistan. At just 25, Robert has now been discharged from the Armed Forces for over 5 years, he is an active member of his local community and an elite athlete.  Having settled into civilian life with a home that has been specially adapted to meet his needs, Robert approached Help for Heroes for support in October 2014 to further adapt his house to make it more accessible for wheelchair use.  Help for Heroes provided an award of £3,000 to Robert in October to enable his driveway to be adapted to support easy wheelchair access. This will ensure that Robert’s quality of life is maintained as he continues to rebuild his life, post injury.

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