How H4H Helped our Heroes in May

How H4H Helped our Heroes in May

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The Help for Heroes Quick Reaction Fund (QRF) is our way of getting swift financial support to those with life-changing injuries and illnesses, whilst simultaneously assisting their families. The QRF can essentially be used for anything that alleviates the distress caused by injury or illness.

The QRF is delivered directly by us, or administered for us through the Services' own charities, and aims to provide support within 72 hours in urgent cases.

In July 2014, the Quick Reaction Fund awarded a total of £85k helping 98 individuals. Below are some examples of individuals who benefitted from our Quick Reaction Fund in July:

  • Grant award: £1,000.

    When Jock signed up to the British Armed Forces, he was committed for life.  However, during a tour in the Middle East Jock sustained a number of physical injuries that prevented him from fulfilling his role.  After seven years trying to regain his full physical health, Jock was medically discharged.  Despite his best efforts and a commitment to trying any role, Jock has struggled to find employment since his discharge.  As a result, he, his wife and their three young children have been living in a local council run hostel. Recently they have received some brilliant news in that they will be moving into a local authority supported house! The move into this stable home environment will represent an important milestone in Jock’s ongoing recovery. However, the financial burden of having to furnish the home was becoming too much for the struggling young couple. Help for Heroes have awarded Jock a grant of £1000 to help purchase essential white and brown goods to support the family’s move into their new home. 

  • Grant: £329

    Troy served for 5 years in the British Army during which time he saw active duty twice.  Following discharge Troy was subsequently diagnosed with PTSD for which he has been receiving treatment.  Married with two young children, Troy is an active member in his local community, working as a Councillor.  With advances in technology, the Council Troy works with is moving to a paperless system and for Troy to continue with his valuable role he needed a computer to access the new system.  In July, Help for Heroes awarded a grant of £329 towards the purchase of iPad to support Troy in his role as a Councillor which represents an important part of Troy’s ongoing recovery journey.

  • Grant: £1,500

    Jane is a currently serving member of the British Armed Forces who during her time in service has developed muscolo-skeletal problems.  In July, Jane approached Help for Heroes for support with the purchase of a specialist trike that would provide neck and spine support allowing Jane to get active once again.  Help for Heroes provided a grant of £1,500 towards a trike which will provide a valuable focus for Jane during her ongoing recovery journey, supporting both her physical and mental health. 

To find out more, or to apply for grant assistance from Help for Heroes, get in touch on: