A nine-year-old's definition of "Teamwork"

A nine-year-old's definition of "Teamwork"

Nine-year-old LucyMae became a Help for Heroes supporter after her father, David, bravely opened up to her about how suffering from PTSD affects his life.

As a Northern Ireland Veteran, David explained that while he had not received direct help from H4H, our financial support to Combat Stress meant he could get the practical, direct support he needed to. LucyMae made it her mission to support us as we have indirectly helped her hero, her Dad.

Lucy Mae And MontyLucyMae was recently given a school project to do. She had to  do a presentation on the theme 'Teamwork' in collective  worship class, and she chose to focus on Team H4H. 

 This is what she said:

 "Today we are going to talk about being in a team and  teamwork.

A team is a group of people (more than 1 person)  working together to achieve a task.

Teams can be big or small. Today Elena and I are a small team of two. There are lots of big teams around us such as hospitals, schools and charities. Today I'd like to talk about a very special team of people called Help for Heroes.

Help for Heroes is a charity that help the soldiers who have been injured serving their country. They raise money for treatment and recovery to make soldiers feel better. They raise money by selling t-shirts and bangles and kind donations from people who care.

As a team they are able to make more happen than they would be able to alone.

Being in a team means you need to be able to listen, to be heard and to speak.

A few pounds buy a wristband. Hundreds of wristbands make enough money to help others with treatment."

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to LucyMae and to David for taking the time to understand what we do. They too are part of the thousands of individuals that make up Team H4H, as a team of two raising awareness of our work and as a family who are battling the life-long effects of their service.

Thank you for helping us to help our heroes.  

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