Prince Harry at the Warrior Games, supported by Help for Heroes

Prince Harry at the Warrior Games, supported by Help for Heroes

Matt Hancox Meeting Prince Harry At Warrior Games .  Credit Darren Kamara

A team of British wounded service personnel and veterans, supported by H4H have been to Colorado Springs where they have been competing `in the US Paralympic Warrior Games.

The Warrior Games, which was visited by Prince Harry, is a competitive Paralympic sporting event for wounded,injured and sick Service personnel and veterans, hosted by the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) and presented by Deloitte.  

The UK team were very popular with the media with the likes of Sky News, BBC, Seven Network, ITV, Radio 5 Live and CNN all wanting to hear from the UK team. 

Here is an excerpt from our Warrior Games blog:

We started this morning at the Olympic Training Centre where the team got the opportunity to meet Prince Harry.  He spent a long time speaking to each of the UK competitors, finding out which sports they were competing in and why they were at the Warrior Games.

After the meet and greet, it was time for the Opening Ceremony which saw each team parade in front of the gathered crowd.  The UK was the last ones in the arena and they certainly got the biggest cheer as they entered.  Captain Dave Henson of the team carried the torch on behalf of the Brits and was accompanied by Prince Harry.

Prince Harry Meeting David Henson At Warrior Games .  Credit Darren KamaraAs the anthems played out, I had a lump in my throat and it was a good job I had big sunglasses on as there may have been a few tears in my eyes! I am already very proud of the team and what they have accomplished to even get to this stage, let alone knowing what they’re going to go on to do over the next week. By lunchtime the flame was lit and the Warrior Games had begun.

After a very heartfelt thank you to the UK team and a huge round of applause from the US athletes, we completed a few more press interviews and we were back in the sports hall waiting for the much anticipated sitting volleyball game.

Prior to the match, we were treated to a wonderful display from the US Marine Corps Silent Drill team who put on an incredible show – there were many an open mouth as we watched in awe of the precision of the movements.

Prince Harry At Exhibition Game . Warrior Games . Creidt Roger KellerThen it was time for the big match of the day – the exhibition sitting volleyball game with Prince Harry, who was our honorary captain for the game.  It started well for the UK with us winning the first set. The US bought it back on the second round then Prince Harry got his hands dirty and joined the team on the pitch.  He was very good and even helped get us a few points. In the final set, it was tense even for a so called ‘friendly’ game but the Brits bought it home and we finished the last game 15-11.  We won!  The place erupted with cheering and the UK team celebrated by piling in on top of each other, including Prince Harry.

Harry's call to bring the Warrior Games to the UK is one that Help for Heroes fully supports. Co-Founders Bryn and Emma Parry, who accompanied the team today said: "We think a UK Warrior Games would be an excellent way to bring the Nation's attention to the remarkable achievements of so many of our wounded, and we would be delighted to help turn this fabulous idea into a huge success." So all that's left to say is, watch this space...

Bring on the Games!

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