Competition Time

Competition Time

This morning the track and field team trained at the Air Force Academy whilst the swimmers went off to the pool.  Today was the first competition, cycling, and the rest of the team wanted to make sure that they were there to cheer on the cyclists so we made sure we were at the cyling event in time.

First up was Jon 'Frenchie' Le Galloudec on a handcyle then Claire on a recumbent bike.  Prince Harry was there again today to see the first people off which included Frenchie in the first race which kick started the proceedings.  Frenchie joked with Harry about having a go on a handbike but don’t think he was too keen to be shown up.(You can read Frenchie's story here)

Claire was next up and gave a fantastic effort, coming third within the recumbent bikes and fourth overall in her class.

Final race of the day was the upright cyclists with Rab, Ed and Luke all racing.  They got off to a great start with Rab (who finished 6th overall) and Ed staying with the front peloton (or pelican as Nevs called it – who is not cycling!).  For Ed and Luke it was their first race today and they both did really well and feeling rightly pleased with themselves with Ed finishing 11th/22 and Luke 9th/14.

Prince Harry And Jon Le Galloudec Help For Heroes .  Credit Roger KellerThe rest of the team cheered the cyclists on from the sidelines, there was a fantastic atmosphere with everyone screaming encouragement when one of the UK team went past as well as the wider crowd who had gathered for the event.

Tonight saw the first two sitting volleyball matches for the UK team against the US Marine Corps and SOCOM (Special Operations Command). We all turned up with lots of Help for Heroes Great Britain items to cheer the team on with.  It started well and was a close call, the closest thing you’ve seen, but unfortunately we lost the first game.

The second game against SOCOM started with a bit more friendly banter, especially where a few of the team had played against each other last year.  The first set went well and we won – cheering all around, quick break then back into round two.  We started well, scoring the first point but wasn’t long until they were catching our tail.  The team held strong but they couldn’t keep SOCOM from winning that round.  The final set, we started strong again but SOCOM managed to get ahead of us and won.  3-1 meant they beat us.

The team are gutted to have lost their first two matches, but its key we keep our chins up and look ahead to the next competition.  Tomorrow morning we’re up early doors for the shooting which Matt (Spider), Simo, Erica, Vicey, Carl will all be taking part in.

Bit subdued tonight but I am sure that the mentality of the team means they will mull it over during the night and come back fighting tomorrow.

Until then… Jess

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