Achievements all around and Two wins for GB!

Achievements all around and Two wins for GB!

First up this morning the team had a shooting competition at the Olympic Training Centre.  It was the first competition for many.

The shooting team did really well - everyone was pleased with how they performed and really enjoyed the experience. We were so close to a bronze medal with Erica missing out by just 0.8 of a point.  Overall the majority of the UK team were above average which is a huge achievement and something they should be really proud of.

Talking at breakfast, it was wonderful to hear how the games are bringing individuals together. For example, Claire Edwards, who took part in the cycling yesterday, was coached by Charlie Walker (part of the GB squad) for sitting volleyball and Claire has been able to teach Charlie to dive. It’s so touching to see individuals not only winning medals and competing in sports that they haven't tried before, but looking out for on another.

The next big competition for us this afternoon was the next round of the sitting volleyball heats which we knew were going to be difficult.  We has to take on the US Army first.  They won the first set. The second set was extremely close but we managed to win it, taking us to a tie break.  We led the final set from the off and a foul serve by the Americans gave us the set. Everyone screamed and piled into the pitch hugging, support crew and athletes alike. It was the best feeling ever!!

Our second game was against the US Navy. Morale was high and the team were really up for it. We chose to sing our own national anthem led by the volleyball team. It echoed out on the court, with the final line being passionately shouted!

The first set went to the Navy but it was good effort from the GB team. A couple of decisions seemed ever so slightly in the Navy's favour, but we won't say any more about that!  

As the second set started, there was just one point in it but our determination kicked in and we won by an impressive nine points, 25-16.

Tiebreak time again...

We started off well, the rest of the team were chanting, clapping and screaming in the crowds and it paid off, we won the last set.  Second game against the Navy won!

The team did Great Britain proud tonight and it was so good to see their fellow athletes supporting them.

Kushal Cheering

In the crowd supporting the team was Major General Buster Howes, the most senior British Officer on US soil (who also got a hug from athlete Ben Wagon!) who left the team with these parting words: “I have seen the team grow in confidence year on year, seen people pick their lives up from most extraordinary situations and achieve greatness.”

“You have one life and this is what it feels like to live it.  Good luck and God speed.”

Before we left, the team were asked by one of the US Navy to sing happy birthday to his daughter which the team dutifully obliged…here it is for your enjoyment.

Tomorrow we're at the track where we have shot, discus, 100m, 200m & 1500m taking place, as well as a very special relay race which is going to be spectacular.  Watch this space…

Jess x

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